Sunday, July 5, 2009

The vegetable garden

The next area to be planned was the vegetable garden and luckily it was the wet season so as most vegetables cannot go into the ground until around April around here it gave me a little preparation time.

This time I did not dig out the grass, I just marked out the area and then began to lay out cardboard, and wet newspapers. The one edge toward the boundary already had some logs and I inserted plywood to bring the height up a a bit. The other edge I laid out with cinderblocks, and planted some aloe vera inside the blocks. This idea was two fold - I was hoping it would deter bandicoots from entering the garden and also create a nice looking, useful edge.

I added layers as I acquired them - seaweed, crusher dust, lawn clippings, hay, and then finally a layer of the coir composted mulch. I have since decided that that was not composted enough and have pulled that away in the areas I am planting and filled those areas with potting soil. this was after a bit of trial and error - the nature of gardening I suppose
As you can see the very narrow edge of the triangle has some rocks - this is a herb spiral which I will explain in the next posting.

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