Sunday, July 5, 2009

Herb spiral

this is the herb spiral from the side

this is a view of the herb spiral from on top.

I had tried to grow rosemary here before, and it always failed. Rosemary likes it hot and dry, here it always seems to be hot and wet. Then I began to read about herb spirals, ahah I thought, the top area would be perfect for rosemary and sage. The rocks would keep it hot and water would always drain away. I began to bring rocks home from the quarry every evening, along with a couple of buckets of crusher dust which filled up the center. This I reckoned would help with the drainage. Here are some photos:

I have started adding a few herbs, right on the top is rosemary, then going down the spiral I have sage, rocket, oregano, stevia, parsley, thyme
and then in pots mint, spearmint, vietnamese mint, and in the ground in front of the spiral basil, dill, shallots, garlic chives and walking onions.

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