Tuesday, July 21, 2009


After scrubbing the door screens and cleaning the windows we realised that the dust is getting too bad. You can tell it is the dry season - our soil is basically just sand and so when there is no rain the grass just dies - especially the parts in the shade under the gazebo where we want to eventually lay pavers. The area outside the back door gets walked on so much, and it is in continual shade so that the grass is thinning out, also exposing dust. I decided to put some paving stones in a path leading out toward the vegetables and also to the gazebo, and then plant mondo grass between them and in that whole area. I realise it is going to have to be watered, which I havnt been doing with the grass, because all we end up with is a mud bath. I think that is a more sustainable choice than grass as once the mondo is established it doesnt require watering. So hopefully we will be picking up the paving stones and mondo grass this weekend.

We got the paving stones home only to discover that we had the wrong size. I planted mondo off to the one side to see how it goes. anyway this is the general idea:

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