Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Surprise heleconia

Over the weekend I decided that I had to clear the pathway behind the back of the garden.  It started out with the visit to the gardening group on Saturday where I came back with a bunch of cuttings and small plants - yeah!
I got some growing galangal and ginger roots.  The ginger I tried to grow from the supermarket ginger always rots away.  This is the ginger, it grows up to about 2ft high and has very spindly leaves.

This is the galangal - it grows very tall, and I planted it just behind the costus, close to the lychee tree. 

While digging around there I discovered that the costus is flowering right at the base.  No-one can see the flowers there unless you go bundu-bashing, so if the glalangal takes off that costus will just have to go.   I have seen the costus that I want to grow there, it is lower with little orangy bud type flowers on the tips.  I guess when I pinched this plant, I must have got the plant next to the one I wanted!
Oh dear, but on  the other hand, when I eventually slashed my way clear right into the back corner of the garden I found that I must have done the exact same thing when digging up a pink lady heleconia from a friends house.  Expecting to one day see a pink hanging heleconia in that corner, I was startled to see a bit of red.....

wow, I rushed back to get the camera, click,


look at the details (cant wait to try out my new camera....)

and then out came the loppers. 

This gorgeous baby was going right into the house - on display where everyone could see it.  Gosh what a fantastic mothers day present!


  1. What a pleasant Mother's Day surprise! I love the gardening surprise like this! Your Heleonia is so pretty, I would have done the same thing: get the camera and put it into a nice vase to showoff! lol

    Your took beautiful pictures with your new camera. Congratulations!!!

  2. Great shots of the Heliconia. Mine failed to survive the winter. Tropicals that did survive are starting to take off, except that I haven't seen anything of the Curcuma. It isn't too late. Late spring holds such wonderful surprises.

  3. That looks like the heliconia that I just got seeds of in the mail! By the way, I had the same problem with supermarket ginger. Maybe its the growth inhibitors that the growers spray it with. I read that its best to get organic ginger root if you're trying to grow it, and also make sure that she soil doesn't get too wet, even though it is a ginger.

  4. Hi Ami,
    thanks, I dont have my new camera yet, so hopefully soon I will have some really nice close ups.
    I hope your tropicals survive, I was just looking at how many of Rainforest gardeners plants survived the cold weather. They must have built up a resistance.
    Rainforest gardener,
    Seeds? Wow, I didnt think they could grow from seeds. I will be carefully following along. You have much more patience than I do. All our ginger is organic, it sprouted, but I think it did drown during the wet season. Wierd, I didnt think that would happen.

  5. Red or pink, that heliconia is incredibly gorgeous! Great Mother's Day surprise!


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