Monday, October 14, 2013

Flowers in the garden - in time for bloom day!

As I was getting ready to post some flower photos I realized it is almost garden bloggers bloom day so I will link to that!  Have a look at some other lovely blooms around the world here at May Dreams Garden.
One of the most beautifully scented flowers in my garden is the Stephanotis, and it is in full flower at the moment.  I erected a bit of a trellis last year, but it seems difficult to train.  At the moment I am trying to make it hang down in big loops.  The peace lily is flowering, so this little white section is looking quite sweet, and smells heavenly.
 Each little bunch of flowers is like a bouquet - no wonder this is a popular flower for weddings!
 The ground orchid is sending out seed pods.  In fact there are seed pods all over the garden - the desert rose, vinca.  I wonder if this extended period without rain makes the plants send out pods to ensure their survival?
 The lady slipper vine also got a proper trellis, although it is reaching for the sky and will soon be climbing the weeping tea tree.  When that flowers it is going to look awesome!
 We also have pink flowers - the lovely udovia is flowering again.   This is the host tree to the ulysses butterfly, but this year we have not had any.  I suspect it is because we have a family of butcher birds hanging around, they chase all the other birds and the butterflies away.  I am not sure how to get ride of them, other than chase them every time we see them.
 these little bunches of flowers are so interesting - look how they come straight off the branches!
I hope you have lot of flowers in your garden too!
That just reminded me of the saying
Friends are Flowers in the Garden of life.  


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  2. Your stephanotis is beautiful, especially in your green and white area of the garden.
    I had never seen the seed pods on the ground orchids I know what they look like.
    Love your udovia...wonder if it would grow here. I'm off to find out.

  3. Virginia,
    It is hard to know how to trellis it with those long vines. I was so surprised to see the little flowers growing right off the branches. The ulysses butterfly is native to this area, so it will be interesting to see what your research comes up with.

  4. As we are getting into the dark dreary days of fall, it's wonderful to see pictures of your gardens full of blooms.

    1. Jenny,
      Oh but you have all those wonderful fall colours :) thank you, and I am glad you enjoyed the colours.

  5. Of course now we are deep into fall here in New Hampshire so it is extra lovely to see all these great and colorful blooms! When one lives so far north like we do plant choices become somewhat limited from the firery beautiful colors in plants that warmer climes can support! I always love coming over here to see what's growing ...
    Hugs from your New Hampshire blogging sister who guiltily does not get over as often as she should :(
    Beth P

    1. Beth, Hugs to you too, I hope one day to get to see those wonderful fall colours for real. I really admire you gardners with cold winters, you have to try so hard and yet I can just stick something in the gorund and it grows!.

  6. Your garden must smell heavenly! I especially like the udovia. I'm not familiar with it but it is so pretty. I have a friend who in November will be visiting Australia for the first time. She plans to visit Queensland. I'm really looking forward to seeing her photos!

    1. dorothy,
      Yes I wanted to host the ulysses butterflies, but didnt realise what a lovely tree I was getting. That weed you grow for attracting monarch butterflies is also lovely. I imagine your friend will not be visiting as far north as we are, it will be very humid as that is the beginning of the wet season. I am sure she will have a lovely time. Please dont hesitate to give her my e-mail if she would like some travel ideas and tips.

  7. Enjoyed looking at your ground orchids.
    They are so lovely.

  8. Beautiful collection of flowers :)


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