Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Slow living catch up for August

Slow living catch up for August - link here - wow August just seemed to fly by for me  - was it the same for you?

Nourish: I find gardening nourishes my body with what I pick and eat, but just working in the garden, digging in the earth and enjoying the beauty nourishes my soul.... deep, deep down.  Picking a few greens and wrapping them all up for a healthy lunch nourishes my body.

Prepare:  I have really enjoyed making a few individual casseroles for lunches.  Vegetarian Bobotie and vegetarian Moussaka.  I always look for ways to incorporate more lentils and beans into my diet, as they keep my blood sugar stable.  This size is so useful to have in the freezer.
Green: I got a new compost bin - a tumbling one this time.  Now I am trying to work out the best way to use it.  You cannot add to it continuously, so I have to collect my waste until ready to add.  At the moment I have a smaller bin and that seems to work quite well, although I have been toying with making up some bokashi mix and trying that.  It might add an extra dimension.  When the compost is finished I put it into my old bin.  Kept moist with a layer of cardboard on the top attracts earthworms which mix it up and make it really rich and crumbly.  I can just scoop some out whenever I need it for the garden.

Enhance:  I won second prize in the gardening competition and got a 50.00 gift certificate from a wonderful nursery.  I purchased a coffee plant,  brazilian cherry, lady slipper vine and a Japanese lantern.  I am sure these will all enhance my garden even more!

 Create:  I once again received a lovely package from MrFothergills and created a little table for the grandkids to grow their kits on.

Discover: I discovered that a bunch of other bloggers have joined the Garden Share Collective, and have joined myself.  You post monthly about what you are harvesting, and things you want to achieve in the next month (3 things).  This might spur me on, and will also be a good tool to look back and see what I was accomplishing at the same time every year.
Enjoy: I so enjoy all the color that is in the garden.  The wind has been blowing quite a lot lately and some flowers from a  crucifix orchid and the geisha girl got tangled up together.  The bright color combination brought a smile to my face.

Improve:  I am working on de-cluttering, and feel so good when I have a bit more space.  I need to work on carving out more time for sewing or crafts.  I have a bunch of WIP that I need to get finished. 


  1. Looks like you had a good August.
    Loved the last photo of the entwined flowers.
    De-cluttering is a GOOD thing, as long as you don't find yourself acquiring more "stuff".

  2. Hi there. I popped over from the Slow Living Essentials link. Your blog and your garden are lovely.

  3. As always, I enjoy your photos and news of your life and your garden. I've been doing a bit of decluttering too and doesn't it feel good! I've been catching up on your posts I've missed and it was great to read that you got such fantastic items from your winning certificate. My husband's birthday was this past weekend and his big request was for more citrus trees. I think he'll get a myer lemon and perhaps another lime. Have a gorgeous rest of the week!

  4. What beautiful flowers! Here in Tassie we are just waking up to spring and our ashes are still leaf free. Ashes are the first harbingers of spring so we are still waiting...waiting...waiting...lovely to read about somewhere that is well and truly off and racing :)

  5. Gorgeous flowers!! Great reminder to freeze individual portions..either I forget or I'm too lazy..and then regret it later on. Have a lovely month, AA!

  6. Beautiful blooms! I too, am enjoying all the colours of Spring in my garden and neighbourhood.

    PS: I'm hosting an Airwick candle giveaway today and hope you will enter: http://www.underlockandkeyblog.com/2013/09/review-and-giveaway-air-wick.html

  7. Congratulations on the gardening competition. And yes, decluttering. I'd love to, but don't know wher I'd start. Small house, too many kids who make beautiful pictures and craft items that I can't bear to part with and far, far too many books!!

  8. Congratulations on your gardening prize! That's very exciting. :-)


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