Thursday, August 8, 2013

Slow living catchup for July

Once again it is time to connect with Christine at slowlivingessentials for the month of July.
Nourish:  I think I have been doing better at planning healthy meals ahead of time.    I made a big pot of lentil dahl which is awesome to freeze in individual servings.  I can take one for lunch or have it over rice or greens for dinner.  Fast food!
Prepare:  We found chickens on special so bought two and roasted them and then pulled the meat off the bones, made stock with those and then froze two containers to be used up later. Some was used immediately on a salad for dinner and lunches.  Hubby used some to make an awesome chicken a la king. Cauliflower is such a good deal at the moment too and I made up an awesome curry seasoned with Cardamom and mustard
 I tried a new bread recipe - has a few figs and dried fruit in it, not much yeast so a long slow raising. It has wholewheat flour, I might make it again but add some seeds etc this time.  Sliced thinly in the freezer so I can grab a slice to go with my lunch of salad or soup.  I love to make things that need tending throughout the day.  It somehow slows things down and makes me feel grounded to my home.
Green: I saved two milk cartons to make a comfrey press.  I don't like soaking leaves in water as it smells so bad.  This way I can get a concentrate, and dilute it down when using it.
Grow:  I thickly sowed some lettuce seed in compost, but there were so many passionfruit and tomato seedlings that came up from the compost.  It requires some drastic weeding and thinning to give the lettuces a start. I am watering a bit more often and think the veggie garden likes that. My bockchoy has done well this year, and I am letting some of it go to seed.  I like my greens growing densely as it seems to confuse the bugs a little and they tend to leave a few leaves for me!

Create:  I finished my Bali bag.

Have not made a tutorial yet, but I have some fabric left so will do the tutorial when I make the next one.  I found cotton clothesline at Bunnings, and it is half the price that it was at the craft store - yeah love a bargain.
Discover:  I discovered there is a seniors gardening competition, so I entered, but I have not been doing as much garden maintenance as I should have, so don't know what chance I have.  At least it spurred some motivation to get out there and do some weeding!
Enhance: I love to have an uncluttered home and jumped onto the challenge that Rhonda at Down to earth put out to get rid of (donate, gift or throw out) five things every weekend and one other thing every day for the month of August.
Enjoy:  I continue to enjoy my morning walks, and as it is slowly starting to get light a little earlier I can get up a little earlier and walk for longer.  I think 30 minutes is what I want to aim for, so far I am getting about 15 minutes.  We also enjoyed a day up in the rainforest, going for a few long walks and sharing a lunch with some favorite friends.  I just love how they build the boardwalks around the trees...

Improve: mmm
guess that means I need to work on the improve aspect for next month!  I do think each category is in fact an improvement!  Thanks so much for organizing this every month Christine!  I always learn so much and am so inspired by what the others in the group post.


  1. A wonderful result and something to apsire to :)

    1. It is good to do this monthly catchup, and reflect on areas I can imporove

  2. Thank you for sharing your slow living adventures, you have done well!

    I am hoping to get back into walking soon now the weather is fining up. I have gained a couple extra kilos that I don't want this Winter. Love the Bali bag, and the rain forest :)

    1. Tania,
      I love walking early in the morning. I hope to do a tutorial on the bali bag soon.

  3. I like your bali bag, it's very nice!

    1. Dewberry,
      thanks, I am glad that I found a place to get that rope so i can make more!

  4. The slow living way of life is to be treasured happy for you that you have the opportunity to live your life this way.
    I'm interested in the milk carton comfrey press....please share.

    1. Virginia,
      It is a blessing, and I love the monthly reflection. I will do a post on that comfrey press soon.

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  6. Barbara,
    Just walking around those trees makes you feel all right with the world. :)

  7. I love that bag.

    Making and freezing Dahl is a great idea!

    1. Kathryn,
      thank you, yes dahl freezes very well.


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