Thursday, December 27, 2012

Flowers from the garden

The beautiful roses that my hubby gave me  didn't do too well in the heat so I had to venture out into the garden to make up an arrangement for Christmas day. 
What a blessing to be able to go out and pick lovely flowers like these.  They all last very well in a vase.
I have been laid low with bursitis of the hip. (remember squatting down all weekend filling buckets of mulch?)   A sheet given to me by the doctor read "mostly middle aged women who tend towards excessive gardening"  Yup guilty as charged.   So excuse me for a while as I recover.  Why on earth do I find it so hard to lie back in the recliner with the aircon on and watch movies all day?  


  1. Wow! I can't imagine being able to pick an arrangement like that - you lucky thing!

    I didn't know there was such a thing as excessive gardening ;-)

  2. An exotic arrangement. I love the heliconia sexy pink. I had bursitis of the same part of the anatomy too, Sigh!

  3. A beautiful arrangement for Christmas! So sorry you don't feel well. I have such a hard time slowing down when I should. Hope you're up and about soon sweet friend. Wishing you peace love and joy in the new year!

  4. I have a hard time slowing down too. With me, it usually means pain in my shoulders, hands and lower back. Hope the pain goes away soon.

    You picked a lovely arrangement!

  5. Fabulous arrangement. And your flowers are in excellent condition - no burn marks or twisty shapes. You are obviously doing all the right things.
    Too active? It seems that being busy was once seen as normal but now is seen as unusual. Hmmm ... In a child it is labelled ADHD; young adults are known as ambitious; energetic is used for many; and irritable and non-compliant for older people. My authoritarian-religious mother used to say, "The devil makes work for idle hands." There must be something you could be doing - writing about your interesting life experiences, checking the insurance coverage, doing something for your club.
    And there must be some way of moving in the garden so as to avoid recurrence of the pain. If scientists can do heart transplants then surely somebody knows the answer to this.

  6. That definitely looks like an Aussie Tropical Christmas. No roasted chestnuts and a wreath of holly!

    Bummer about your hip but it looks like you have no one to blame but yourself (and your gorgeous garden). You lucky thing - doctors orders to sit around and eat up all the leftovers from Christmas :-)

  7. Lovely tropical flowers as we got used to in Indonesia... Enjoy them for us as well! As for your forced resting period; sorry to read that. It IS hard for not being able to do anything and your mind runs overtime thinking we should do this, and that...
    Hugs to you and wishing you a Happy 2013 and good health!

  8. That is a gorgeous floral arrangement....could have been delivered from any top-notch florist.
    Take care of yourself, and give your hip a much needed rest. Hope you feel better soon.

  9. Stunning arrangement! It absolutely captures the feel of a tropical Christmas. I get/currently have bursitis too. How interesting that there's a gardening link!

  10. Wishing you back working in the garden after a few days of leisure.....and all the best for the new year.

  11. Sorry I have not responded to each individual comment - It turned out that I have a herniated disc with reffered pain to the hip. Slow going for now. Hubby says he likes the look of an overgrown garden! I did manage to take some photos so there will be a post withing a day or two.

  12. Beautiful!
    I hope you recover soon.
    Take Care.
    It looks like your garden is cheering you up !


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