Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A give-away ... paying it forward

As you know I got a lovely surprise package of all sorts of yummy seeds sent to me by Mr Fotheringills seed company.   One thing I am learning in my garden is that growing the right plants for the right areas and in the right seasons will lead to more success.  I am just so incredibly blessed to live in the tropics where it is really easy to grow a multitude of beautiful flowers and fruit and vegetables.  Some of them are rather strange, but that is another story.

Soo..... some of the seeds that I have been sent, while really lovely, are not suited to my climate.  I have always loved the idea of passing along good fortune, and so I have some seed packets to pass along.  We are not permitted to mail seeds overseas so this is only open to my Australian readers. (sorry) Pretty much anyone that is not living in the tropics should be able to grow these, so just post a comment and tell me which seeds you would like. First come, first served.  I will get them to you posthaste so that you can get them into the ground.

The seeds on offer are:
Cats paw

 You can send your address separately by e-mail - my e-mail address is at the very bottom of my blog page.

I also have two packets of seeds from my desert rose that I will include in the draw.  These huge seed pods appeared and then one day they just exploded and I gathered up the tiny seeds.  I had been meaning to tie a packet over them, but never got around to it.. Anyway they weren't flung too far and wide, and I managed to salvage some.
 This is the desert rose in bloom. - wow the garden looked very bare in this photo - must have been taken a while back ;)

I still haven't been able to work out the random generator thingie, so just whoever comments first gets the seeds until they all run out.


  1. Hi,
    I would like the parsnip seeds. We love parsnip and it grows well here over our winter.

  2. Passing along a good fortune is a wonderful gesture. They say it will eventually return to you two-fold.

    Congratulations to whoever gets to receive those packets seeds!

  3. Sadly you cannot send me the seeds but I have a question.... in my hot house here in southern Tasmania I have grown galangal, given to me by a kind Thai man I met in the local community garden last year. It has grown quite well and I am wondering how and when I can harvest it so as to retain some to keep growing in this out-of-ideal-climate. I am terrified of killing it!! Any help from you and your readers would be appreciated.

  4. Tracy,
    cool, they will be in the mail this afternoon, hope they do well for you.
    Solitude Rising,
    It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside to share - that is the best reward.
    Congratulations on growing it in Tasmania! In my garden it does seem to have formed different plantlets (is that the correct word?) I would scratch around the surface gently and if you see a natural division, try to break it off there. You might want to use loppers to cut it loose so you don't disturb the rest of the plant. Replant any knobs on the piece you cut off and they should re-shoot. I need to thin mine out so will be taking photos this weekend and hopefully that will make it clearer.

  5. Kwiat jest piękny. Szkoda, że nie można nasion wysyłać :-(. Pozdrawiam.*** A flower is beautiful. It is a pity that you can not send seeds. Yours.

  6. Hi dear,

    I answered your question on my blog. Check back for the comment.


    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island


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