Thursday, December 8, 2011

No more lychees for me!

I have been toying with what to title this post.... I never thought I would get sick of lychees!     The last lychees that I can reach have been picked.  There are plenty still high up in the tree though and every night the bats come in, and they bicker and fight like naughty spoiled brats. All night long the fruit is dropped on the roof, on the gazebo, on the garden.  Ping... ping....thud..... crash (that was a branch).  It is a flying fox party and the invitations have been spread far and wide.    The next morning, the area underneath the tree looks like this:
The ones that split open or have been trodden on, squeeze their sticky sweet juice into the ground or the stones and then they attract green ants, fruit flies and mozzies.  It not so nice out in my backyard right now :(  Every day we are out there (mainly my poor hubby) picking them up and putting them into the compost bins.
The lychees are just one of the types of tropical fruit in my little garden.  The other fruits are not quite as demanding and dramatic though. Since I lopped the top off the tallest papaya tree it sent out much lower branches, so the ripe ones are easy to pick, and that mixed with passionfruit (which drop to the ground when ripe) makes a lovely fruit salad. I think this is my favourite combination of tropical fruit.

When lychees are added it takes the fruit salad to a whole new dimension.  If I could only reach all the lychees --- mmm could I lop the top of that tree off?
 Some readers have never enjoyed the deliciously sticky sweet nectar like fruit of a fresh lychee, and I realized I have only shown you the unpeeled lychees. .  You have to pierce the tough skin to get started, and then it just peels away, and by this time the juice is running all over your hands....
 There really is no clean and easy way to peel the flesh away from the smooth pip in order to add it to your fruit salad. Best done over the sink, but the best way to eat them is out in the garden where you can just pop it into your mouth and spit out the pip!

I have lots of frozen lychees put away. I guess I will yearn back to being able to go outside and reach up and pluck one of the juiciest tastiest little treats, but for now I am done.


  1. Nie jadłam jeszcze tych owoców, ale z tego co piszesz, pewno są smaczne. Kłopotliwe są wszystkie owoce, które spadają z drzew, bo trzeba to sprzątać :-(. Pozdrawiam

  2. You're just too spoilt - fancy being sick of lychees.
    I'd be sick of the flying foxes getting into them and making a mess though.

    Have you ever tried them stuffed with some Philly cream cheese? - Yum. (the lychees of course, not the bats)

  3. I can suggest an easier way to peel them. Take a very sharp paring knife and carefully cut right through both shell and flesh right down to the pip, all the way round, ending up with two halves. Separate the halves and gently pop/slip the shell off each. The half containing the intact pip is easy to dislodge. This way, you get far less mess and two neat, depitted halves. I start at the base of the lychee where it was attached to the tree and work in a circle round to the top and back down to the base. My instructions aren't very clear, but I am sure you'll soon get the hang of it if you practise. Your fruity offerings look so delicious and I just know the flavours will be superior to any shop bought fruits.

  4. Just love lychees, you are so lucky. We have them once a year on Christmas day as a treat and here you are with them plonking on your roof every night.
    Such another world, tropical gardening I wish I had a bit of it my backyard...though perhaps without the fruit bats.

  5. I would be sick of them if we had too much. But after few months later will be missing them again. I think I saw some frozen lychee sold here. When are you visiting Malaysia? My email is

  6. Your lychees are something I never heard of until I read your blog but they do sound delicious. I kind of know how you feel about them since we have apple trees that drop fruit all over the ground and the deer and the wasps come in to partake of the spoils. But somehow my apple tree comparison sounds so mundane next to exotic fruit and huge flying bats!

    Loved Missy's comment, too...bats stuffed with cream cheese, had me laughing.

  7. I love lychees. Unfortunately its not available where I am now. Sometimes some asian stores sell them but aren't fresh anymore and very expensive too.

    I wonder if you could prune the tree to make the fruits more accessible.

  8. I've seen them for sale at many Asian markets, but never eaten them. Sounds delicious.
    I'm sorry they are so popular with the flying foxes. You indeed live in a very tropical place!
    BTW: Thanks for stopping by and watching the video. Wasn't that cool? I imagine others doing the same. if only...
    David/ :-)

  9. I thought I was the only lychee lover because so far whomever I have met doesn't seem to like them much like we do !! I am jealous your having a garden and a lychee tree!Having said that, although I love lychees when eaten alone straight after peeling them but somehow I don't really like the lychee flavors which comes with ice creams and other things.
    Check this out if you wish -
    Fruit Personality
    What does your favorite fruit reflect of your personality?

  10. Those lychees to look very tempting! I've just realised I've never had them fresh, just tinned and I'm sure there is a huge difference between the two as there is with so many fruit and veg. I'll have to see if any ever make it to the markets down here.

  11. We have just had a friend give us some lychees from her tree and they are devine. I guess it is like getting sick of mangoes when they are coming out of your ears. We aren't sick of them any more as we no longer have any big tree :)

  12. Hello! So glad you stopped by! I am in awe of your gorgeous tropical flowers and fruit! How exotic! Our gardens here in Georgia are in an inbetween stage - it is still warm enough for blossoms and cold and dark enough for autumn color change! I am happy to be following you too!
    Hope you have a wonderful day,

  13. Yummy... although the aftermath of the bats/birds etc leaves much to be desired. The same thing happens to us because our neighbour's lemon tree (which isn't particularly healthy) leans over our fence and the cockatoos just love picking the fruit and then we hear the thumping on the veranda roof as they drop half eaten lemons everywhere...

  14. Dearest Africanaussie,

    You make me homesick for the tropics again... We lived and worked for about three years in Indonesia on the island of Java. We know passion fruit and lychees fresh... That is heaven. I'd rather give up meat than fruits!!!
    Love to you and have a Happy Valentine's Day.



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