Friday, July 15, 2011

A writing blog

Some bloggers put little tabs on the top of their blog and have sections.  well maybe I am not smart enough to figure out how to do that, but I kinda like the idea of having a separate blog for my recipes.
  It is sooo useful to point someone to the blog when they want a recipe of yours.   Or to have your whole recipe box available at the touch of a button when you are travelling and someone says could you make milk tart  tonight.  You always think you know those recipes off my heart, but it is nice just to be able to double check.  I have lots of recipes in draft, but only post them once I have tried them and confirmed they are really tried and tested.  I don't have photos because for some reason my photos of food never come out looking as tasty as they should.
One thing led to another and pretty soon I had a craft blog.
 I notice that it is not chock a block full of things, (I am getting ready to take a silk painting course so watch this space!) and this became more noticeable to me when I was browsing though the list of goals I had set myself for the year in Google docs.  If you haven't used Google docs it is worth looking at...  anyway procrastination is one of my downfalls.  I noticed on my goals I had written "do more writing".  My half yearly comment on that was "no status!"   A year ago I was so excited about starting a writing course, - gung ho -  I did my assignments each week, then I left on holiday....  the course finished and I had not completed my assignments.
I began to think about this blog, and how much inspiration and support I have got from my readers, and from reading other blogs.
Mmmm I wondered ..... should I put my writing out there for all the world to see?  could I do that?  should I do that?   If nothing else it might egg me on to finish the novel.  I also have the other "book " that I have been lugging around now for 13 years (is it really that long since I stepped off the boat?).  "Come sail with me" is  a compilation of stories, recipes and memories as we sailed around the world.  Parts of it were sold as stories to fund the voyage, but it has never been published as a whole.  Maybe if I do this I will become a better writer.  I have definitely become a better gardener through this blog :)
so.... a new blog, with stories, no photos, just my words.


  1. You must be pretty busy doing many things at the same time. This sounds interesting and exciting, so I'll encourage you to go for it. Blogging has certainly improved my writing, gardening and photography. This is one way we can make a difference, no matter how small to our world and on other like-minded friends.

    Regarding those tabs on the top of the blog page, you can create a new PAGE in your blog just like you are creating a new post. It is as easy as ABC!

    Cheers to your projects which I look forward to visiting soon.

  2. Oh, how exciting to have all the interests you share on your blogs. Setting up a new Page on your blog would be a great way to share your other talents!

    I love your writing and hope you do finish your book, I can only imagine how much work it is to write a book, but I'd sure love to read it!

  3. You got so many talent! I start to blog because I really need to improve my english. Thank you your seeds has safely arrived here.

  4. Oh, I had no idea you had so many other blogs! I've often wondered about how to do the tab thing too. What a great idea to have all your recipes online.

    I didn't realize you were interested in writing. I worked as an editor for a while when my son was little, and had to write for that job, about very boring stuff. I've occasionally flirted with writing fiction, but it is hard work.

    You should finish your novel!

  5. You are a busy lady, indeed. I look forward to checking out your new blogs. It's great to have so many interests.

  6. My hats off to you for having different blogs for your different passions. This is a good way of reaching out to more people considering that not all are into gardening, not all are into recipes, etc.

  7. Make sure you put the link to your writing blog under your list of "other places to find me" so we can keep up with you.

    I also write - one of my novels (and a couple of short stories) has been published so I created a website for my writing. But I don't do that as a blog it's static information and a few links. I think maybe because I felt it would be to much pressure to update that and as a result, detract from my writing. If you can use it to get you writing more - that's fantastic!

    I'll pop over and have a look at that blog now.....

  8. okay, what happened - I showed up as anonymous. That last post was from me, Laura Rittenhouse, not some random stalker :-)

  9. Good on you. All those blogs... And a novel!

  10. Autumn belle,
    Yes blogging certainly can open up a whole new world cant it? The thing with adding pages it is not the same as another blog with different posts that you can then categorize. I know you can do that in wordpress, but not in blogger yet.
    One thing I love about blogging is that there is a deadline. (which you set yourself, but still a deadline) I am notorious for starting projects and then not finishing them. A bit scary putting my writing out for all the world to see, but isn't that how we grow?
    Malay Kadazan, glad your seeds arrived. Your English is very good.
    Alison, Oh this is fun, all the writers coming out of the woodwork. I have never written fiction, but liked the way this course broke it down into sections. I might do a post of the technique as it seems easier than sitting down with a blank page and typing the first word with no plan.
    thats me! Jack of all trades, master of none...
    Solitude Rising,
    yes we are all multi-faceted arent we?
    I will put up that link, and look again at why you have such trouble posting. I think blogger really only likes others in the blogger world! None of this wordpress business! I feel nervous with a published writer reading my stuff but maybe I can get some good advice!


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