Monday, October 25, 2010

Making sure those flowers last

The last post was about the house being filled with flowers and I had three arrangements in the house.  That post should come up immediately after this one.   Floridagardener had suggested I join Noelle's theme and when another arrangement arrived I thought I had better join in!  So four tropical arrangements to enjoy!  my tea party was just finishing when my three year old grandson staggered in weighted down with some flowers for grandma!
 Just look at these fiery orange heleconias!
 In my last post Autumnbelle asked how long these tropical type of flowers would last in a vase.  Typically I find they last for a couple of weeks.  I don't add anything to the water, simply change it every couple of days to keep it fresh.   My DIL showed me how to extend the vase life even longer.  Inside each bloom is a "seed" , and if you remove those seeds the flowers will last longer.

 Here is the same flower with the seed removed.

and the seeds I flicked out.

 so then I went inside to the sexy pink lady and sure enough the seeds were starting to emerge from the older bracts.

So out they came....
 I think the flowers look better now - more streamlined.
I have also noticed that they like to be misted with plain water once a day to keep up the humidity. The countdown begins - I wonder how long they will last now?


  1. Two great posts. I loved the arrangements in the last post ... and the orange Heliconias look lovely as well.

    I've learnt something new today ... what a great hint about removing the seeds. I will definitely have to remember that!

    Your Pink Lady is still looking pretty damn sexy!

  2. Thanks Bernie,
    I definitely love all the flowers about the place! If they last longer so much the better.

  3. Lucky grandma! That open heliconia was every bit as beautiful as I expected. Awesome bloom! Never knew that tip about pulling out the seeds. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Floridagirl,
    I do wonder about pulling out the seeds of your and my favourite - the Lady Di as it is so much a part of the whole flower with the different colours.

  5. Ahhh... such a curious flower only made more intriguing by the hidden seed. Delightful!
    BTW, no snow in my gardens yet, just the beautiful mountains around me. Today is sunny and blue after last night's hard frost. I'm off to survey the damage.

  6. Meredehuit,
    I am so happy to be able to share! I always feel that the air looks so clear and pure when it gets chilly in your winter.

  7. Will you grow the seeds? Or do you already have plenty of those plants?

  8. Elephant eye,
    I have never heard of anyone growing them from seed. Normally you just dig up a piece of root and it will take off.... Sometimes the heleconias can be quite invasive - you can get the running or clumping kind. I just dug out a huge area (for my little garden) of Lady Di heleconia which was getting out of thand.

  9. I am posting Pink Lady Heliconia today and I have linked to you in my post. You have a great tip for the cut heliconia flowers.

  10. THe Pink Lady heliconia is beautiful.Thanks for the tip to make the cut flowers last longer.


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