Saturday, October 23, 2010

The house is filled with flowers

On advice from Floridagirl I am entering this in the monthly flower arrangements theme and linking to Noelles blog.  I hope you enjoy the tropical flowers from my corner of the world!  Check out the arrangements on her blog!
On the way home from work yesterday I saw a bucket of torch ginger flowers for sale - 1.00 each.  I had been toying with the idea of cutitng my heleconia and bringing it inside. I have some friends coming for tea and not everyone is so keen on traipsing down to the back corner to see my flower. I have a very tall vase and thought these would be good in the vase alongside it.  I forgot that the vase has quite a narrow neck, and anyway once I put it into the vase I realised that it looked best just on its own.  I hope the flower contiues to unfurl now that it has been cut.
 But I had the torch gingers - I have a torch ginger plant in my garden, but it is yet to flower.  So they went into their own vase.  I love the waxy look they have and they last so long
 Originally I had cut a few flowers as fillers so went ahead and made up another vase of flowers from my own garden, so gosh now the whole house is filled with flowers.


  1. Wow! Awesome arrangements, AA! The heliconia is so beautiful all by itself. And love those exotic ginger arrangements! You should join in on Noelle's Monthly Garden Bouquet theme.

  2. You are very good at floral arrangements. Did you attend a course on Ikebana before? The Sexy Pink heliconia looks very gorgeous sitting on the vase. I am growing heliconias and pink torch gingers too. My torch gingers is now flowering. It has been flowering not stop since it started a few years ago. I use the flower buds for ganishing noodle dishes.

    How many days can the heliconia and ginger last as cut flowers?

  3. Your flowers look lovely and very exotic. I think you were tight about the heleconia, it really does have an impact being alone in the vase.

  4. Wow! Your arrangements are lovely! I notice you curled the red leaf slightly and that looks good and in balance. Gorgeous combination of flowers and greens.

  5. those are fanatastic, its like an new addiction, helps that you have such amazing plants and flowers to work with :)

  6. Stunning flower arrangements. I hope your guests liked them as much as I do :0)

  7. Floridagirl,
    I went ahead and took your advice - thanks!
    Many years back I did do a short course, but not Ikebana - I would love to learn that. I love the way Iekbana focuses on just a few flowers. Often the vase is key in those arrangements. I am doing a post on how to make heleconia flowers last longer. Stay tuned:)
    Tracy, I am so glad I moved it inside when I can keep an eye on it!

  8. One,
    I have seen some lovely ideas of leaves braided and curled - want to try some of those!
    I know, I am very blessed to be able to step out my back door and pick flowers like these. Part of why I blog is to share these lovely blooms with everyone!
    Lavinder Lady,
    Thank you! Yes I am glad I did pick it as some of the ladies would not have made it to the back to see this flower.

  9. Very beautiful floral arrangements! Flowers in the garden have a different appeal when arranged together along with other foliage. You certainly brought this appeal out with your arrangements.

  10. Fabulous arrangements. I must say I just love the last one ... I have never, ever thought of using Pedilanthus, the Slipper Plant, in a bouquet. What a fabulous idea ... they actually look terrific in amongst those beautiful flowers. Did you have much trouble with all that white sap that oozes out of the stems?

  11. Thank you solitude Rising,
    Picking flowers out my own garden to arrange has a definite appeal.
    I was arranging them on a table outside in the garden and just cut them and stuck them straight into the oasis, so hardly noticed the sap. I love to do that as the plants are right there and when I need a filler I just turn around and snip a branch off!


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