Thursday, May 20, 2010

Writing workshop update

Writing is something I think I have always done.  Ok, not every day, but most of my life I have had a book in the back of my mind and work on it occasionally.   I did live a very interesting life sailing around the world, and so this was a type of memoir/instruction book.  It would change from time to time, and I did at times submit it in various forms for publication.  On occasion to get some money into the bank, I would write articles and some of those were purchased and published in magazines, but always my dream was to publish a book.  Always the same book.
Now with this writing workshop I am writing something totally different.  A work of fiction.  The instructions were to write a series of short stories, but they have been following the outline submitted, and are integrating and building a life of their own.   I do like the idea of using google docs, and initially formed a document for each deadline, that was a great place to keep my work, easily accesible where ever I was as long as I had access to the internet.   I liked the idea that my work was to to be kept that - just for my eyes.  I havnt done so well at keeping up with posting about the exercises, although I have been writing pretty consistently, maybe even more than I had first scheduled although I realise that might slow down as I will be going travelling soon. 
My stories have evolved and changed slightly - one of the protaganists actually moves to another country and continues on with the story there.  Another one turned out to be a man!   Since this is a work of fiction, and is my story, I have allowed that to happen.  In the past I think my writing has maybe been too restrictive.  I like what I am writing.  Even though there is supposed to be one story a week, I have ventured into each of the other two stories in this section, simply to write down ideas and notes as to where they will intertwine and connect.


  1. Sounds like you're getting a lot out of the workshop so far! Excellent! And good idea to go ahead and put down thoughts and ideas for the other stories if they come to you. If I don't do that I'll forget them forever! lol

  2. well, last week was better than this week I dont know why!


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