Saturday, December 5, 2009

Wildlife and shredded leaves

I was adding some mulched leaves to my leaf mould bin, and decided to stir it up a bit. I was digging deep down when a very surprised little frog jumped out.  He teetered on ont he dge of the bin for a second then hopped onto the nearby pawpaw tree.  Luckily my camera was close by.  You can see a little bit of shredded leaf still stuck to him.  I think this kind is generally a bright green - they seem a little chameleon-like - they change colour according to their surroundings.  If I can find him tommorrow I will see if he has changed colour.

then I thought I would add an update to the honeyeaters nest that I posted a story of about a week ago.  He has brought his wife along to inspect and there was a lot of discussion, she flew off and since then he has been busy adding an eave over the entrance and also padding the inside with lovely soft feathers, so it looks as if it was apporoved with updates!  Very anxious to see  if they will start a family here!

as you can see he has also been into my shredded leaves!  Isnt it amazing how this sticks together - some of it is just hanging on by a thread!


  1. I've never seen a frog in my garden. Wish I had the habitat for them.
    Too many squirrels! As there were in my Chicago garden.
    Bird activity is always a delight.
    Your honeyeater is stunning!

  2. In the wet season we get these huge green frogs and before the rain the air is filled with the sounds of them croaking. sometimes they hide in the drainpipes and the noise echoes!

  3. Hello Africanaussie and thanks for adding to your blog list - very kind and much appreciated. Very jealous of the wildlife you have.I am about to post a article on shark 'finning' later today, I know its not gardening, but I am trying to do more environmental this coming year. would that sort of thing be of interest to you? Kind regards Simon


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