Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Flowers on the beehive ginger

The beehive ginger has been doing so well and is just well placed at the end of my little path to nowhere so that the "flowers" can be seen from the gazebo or swing. I say flowers in inverted commas as the actual flowers come out of the little pockets as can be seen here: The plant is happy when the pockets are full of water - sort of like the bromeliad family.

This crucifix orchid has some wiry aerial roots forming.

Other flowers around the garden are the ixora which I used to create my christmas floral centerpiece: Christmas eve dinner was in the gazebo with citronella candles burning all around us - lovely and tropical. Yummy prawns and steaks on the barbie (barbeque) too busy to take photos of it though!

These are the ixora flowers in all stages from bud to flower
I hope everyone has had a wonderful christmas with loved ones and enjoying the break from everyday work. I am taking the time to clean out cupboards so I can start the New Year fresh and clean and clutter free! OK had my break now, back to cleaning out the pantry!


  1. What an interesting plant! Never heard about a beehive ginger!Thank you!

  2. Lovely centerpiece! i love that you know the names of all these plants--i have both beehive ginger & ixora, but have always made up my own names. gracias!

  3. Entrancing images of the beehive ginger.
    My poor ginger is not happy with the cold, wet winter weather!!!

  4. Love the tropicals, all of them. When warm weather comes, I want more gingers.

  5. Thanks for all the comments, yes the gingers are more happy with this weather than I am. It is 32*C with very high humidity. The evenings are wonderful though, and we sit outside most evenings loaded up with bug spray! Thanks Liz, dont go quoting me, I am mostly able to remember the common names - I never seem able to learn the latin names though! Alice, I have heard of creating a hessian barrier around tropical plants to create a little warm micro climate during the winter. I am amazed at how many tropocal plants people can grow in more temperate zones.

  6. I'm wondering if mosquitos breen in the beehive gingers, seeing the design of the flowers..


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