Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Flowers in sunshine

There is something just so very pretty about the sunlight reflecting off these pink ground orchids, and I find the more photos I take the better my pictures get!  (well I think so anyway).  I am planning on replacing my camera in July, so I am sure they will improve then.  (I am still using a 3.5 mp kodak easyshare that is at least 8 years old and has travelled to South africa, Tanzania, England and Australia).

My shrimp plant seems to struggle - I am not sure why.....

The pale pink begonia enjoys a little sunshine as well, but during the heat of the day is happy in the moist shade.

The tree fern loves this weather and has been putting out new curly fronds - I love how this one seems deep in contemplation - "shall I stretch out today?"  As the fronds do open up the stalk is filled with lovely little curliques, isnt it just beautiful?


  1. Life. in the. Tropics.,
    Congratulations on your award. For your Shrimp plant you can give it 1 tablespoon of Epsom salt mixed with gallon of water applied once per month. Gave this to my Shrimp during the heat of summer and it perked it up. The Epsom salt gives it Magnesium sulfate and sulpher which the Shrimp likes. Read about it from a Chief Horticulturist in Miami. Worked for my Shrimp. P.S. Your photo's look fine to me.

  2. thanks for that sanddune - I have a struggling gardenia as well (I think this is the wrong climate for it) I have done the epson salts on that occasionally and it perked up, so will try that on both of them.


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