Thursday, May 2, 2019

The Gentle art of domesticity - repetition

I really enjoyed this weeks reflection on repetitions within the domestic life,, but I cant say I will ever be a big fan of the repetition of housework!  I tend to give the house a good clean over the weekend as I work during the week, and often times when the weekend is busy and I only get the cleaning done towards the end of the weekend I feel as though I am missing out on enjoying the clean house!  I am lucky that my hubby who stays home does all the laundry. 
Cooking can be repetitive, but I find I am so often trying new recipes out that there is not much repetition there. 
She highlighted three paintings, all of women knitting socks.  Now that is one thing I do enjoy the repetition of!  Knitting!  I love to have something next to my chair that I can pick up in the evenings and work on.  Very often it is something that requires a bit of concentration, as right now I am working on a scarf for my daughter who lives in Europe.  There is no way that I will ever need a scarf in the Far North Tropics!  Last month I received my birthday voucher from Lincraft and wandered in to see what I could spend my 10.00 on.  There was a pattern in the back of the better homes and gardens magazine that I liked the look of.  I dont know if it is just me, but I can never find the yarn that they recommend, and I really wanted a variegated yarn, but there was none in the thinner yarn, so I settled on a beige.  It is fifty percent angora and was originally 9.00 a ball, marked down to 3.00 a ball.  Win/win!  I like the way it is turning out, and the pattern is repetitive enough that I don't have to concentrate too hard, although I do have to count....

With my lack of concentration I might have made a few mistakes, but in the whole scheme of things hopefully they don't stand out.  Therapeutic and blissfully zoning out is exactly the way I would describe my evening knitting. 
Do you knit in the evenings?


  1. I enjoy knitting but now I have too many scarves. I might start on a jumper now the colder weather is nearing. But at the moment I generally spend my spare time reading.

    1. Nice, I have never liked anything I knitted for myself, but have knitted jumpers for others that look nice! I like to sit int he evenings with my hubby, and if I read I need to be in a quiet room. I read mostly during the day.

  2. I find it hard to concentrate on anything very long now that I am getting older :-( Sad but true. The scarf looks great though. Are those your knees in the background? LOL! Obviously it isn't cold up there. I have my trackie dacks on at the moment.

    1. HI Nana Chel,
      Concentration is good for building new brain cells! Yes it is still shorts weather here!

  3. Love the pattern to the piece you are knitting, I usually keep a crochet project at hand to pick up in the evenings, living in Florida with semi tropical weather most of the year I tend to look for lightweight yarn my favorite of late is Lion Brands Shawl in a Ball which is a cotton /acrylic blend, which comes in lovely variegated colorways.

    1. That yarn sounds nice, I find yarn so expensive that it hardly warrants making anything. I love it when i get free yarn!


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