Friday, February 1, 2019

Living the gentle domestic life week 4

 Week four is here already in the living the domestic life series hosted by Jenny..  A subject close to my heart is reading, and reading about other women's lives is my favourite way to while away an afternoon.
I remember been totally immersed in books such as
Ann of Green Gables,  (remember when she dyed her hair green?)
Daddy long legs by Jean Webster.
Little Women by Louisa May Alcott
One pair of hands, by Monica Dickens
After seeing, and loving, the series Call the Midwife I managed to get the book out of the library.

I think the trend I see here is following along on a woman's journey, growing up courageous.  I dont actually keep a lot of books, being a bit of a minimalist, and with libraries able to find any book I find that frees up a bit of space.

Well, it is the end of the week and I am only just getting back to this post.  Everyone posted pineapple upside down cakes, I just eat my pineapples cut up in chunks - especially the free ones that I grow from old pineapple tops! 
We had the heavy monsoonal rain last week, and now it seems to be heading down and settling around where Jenny lives.  The garden loves all this rain, and all my landscaping around the veggie patch seemed to work well as the excess water drained away from the house.  (Well most of it!)
 Lots of colour bursting forth.  the tsliandia above and the lipstick plant below - the flower pops out of the tube like a lipstick. (sorry about the photo quality)
 Since I had tons of free time and we were marooned for four days I started a baby blanket for our new little grand daughter.  I just love this pattern, no big holes for little ones to poke their fingers into!

Hope everyone stay dry and safe this weekend as another wave of the monsoon washes over our area!


  1. The crochet blanket looks great....

    1. thank you Kathy - it is a nice easy pattern.

  2. Yes, it is really bad where Jenny lives and I do hope the both of you stay safe. I can still remember our 2011 floods. It was quite frightening to be out on the roads when they become rivers. I hope that the monsoon decides to change course a tad and head out to the parched areas west and south. The NW has had some rain so my daughter is thrilled and they hope that their dam will fill up during this rain event.

  3. Your crochet is lovely. I have Call the Midwife and other books of that author which I read long before the TV series arrived. You jogged my memory as I had forgotten how much I loved Little Women. However, Laura Ingalls Wilder is the woman I have had most intetest in since a child and even now. Her family life as a little girl and her inner strength as an adult captures my heart. I hooe you are not being flooded to the extent that Jenny is but please keep safe.

    1. Oh yes I loved little house on the prairie as well. Our rain has all moved down south - we have very little now. Praying that Townsville can start recovery soon.

  4. I love your reading list and Call the Midwife is also a favourite of mine, however I prefer to either see things as a movie or read the book not both ... I find the movie always disappoints against the images I've got in my mind from reading but as a movie alone is perfectly fine.

  5. I saw the call the midwife series before I read the book, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I felt I could hear the same voice reading it to me!

  6. I didn't know there was a book before the series 'Call the Midwife', now I will have to look for it in the library as well. I loved all the books you mentioned. :-) The weather here has been just right for long reading sessions, brutally cold at times. Thank you for the inspiration!


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