Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Blog inspiration and blog love

I see I am not alone!  many other bloggers seem to have been mulling over their blogs.  I get such an awful lot of pleasure out of reading other blogs and connecting with like minded people.   I wondered if I should be trying to make some money out of my blog, then did a free course and realized -
NO! I dont want to have pop ups and invasive questions littering my sacred space!  .
I love to share what I do to inspire others, as I in turn get inspiration.  I have got some lovely free patterns for embroidery squares.  My daughter and I are each doing squares in the evenings and then next time I visit her in America I will sew them together into a quilt.   A quilt that spans the miles.

I do like it when I get a few free seeds, and can even offer a giveaway or two as I did before Christmas.   At one stage I thought I might start blogging more, and even made a list of subjects that I would blog about -   The list will stay in my mind though, as these are things I enjoy and would love to share.   I am not sure if I will head them as such, but these are all areas that interest me and I will be posting on in the future.
 1. Healthy lifestyle
2. Growing organic vegetables for a better world
 3. Cooking at home for health and wealth
4. Crafting for personal pleasure
5. Reading for enjoyment
6. Helpful links
I hand quilted around all these animals and made a quilt for the new baby granddaughter on her way!  I am loving doing hand sewing in the evenings, although I am thinking I might need a better light! 

I have  readers that I have followed for years, through ups and downs and I feel they are friends.  I never actually want my blog to get too big, that I dont immediately connect with whoever is commenting.   Here are some of the inspiring blogs that I follow:

 I like the idea of following along with a theme, and this year I am looking forward to
Jenny's  simple domesticity book study on her lovely blog Elephantz .  I dont have the book, and neither does my library, but might try and get them to order it in for me. 

Tracy at Sunny Corner Farm has started blogging again, and I am pleased about that.  Years ago I had a quilt squares swap and she sent me a wonderful fabric with farm animals on it.  In fact I used it to make a page on the busy book I made for my grandsons. busy book
She mentioned a friend of hers that has started blogging again, and I have started to follow, mainly I think because I love the name of her blog.

Amy at Love made my home.  A lot of her comments said they missed the get-togethers and sharing that used to be a part of blogging. A lot of those groups have fallen by the wayside, so maybe can be resurrected.  I think too that blogging has waves, at one time all I blogged about was gardening, then I included a bit of crafts, then a bit of cooking, and at every turn I discovered other like minded people all over the world. 

I think I will regularly start to share blogs from now on and if we all do that, I am sure will re-discover the support, creativity and blog love that we clearly all miss when we step away from it. If you have any blogs I might like, please share them in the comments. 


  1. Such beautiful hand sewing african aussie, it will be a lovely quilt once it is all put together and really special too. The baby quilt if gorgeous!

    So glad to hear Tracy and Amy are back blogging, I look forward to catching up with them again. I have always followed Jenny's blog, such a lovely place to visit and love her beautiful embroidery.


    1. Tania,
      Oh my handwork is not that great when you look close up, but I reckon it is stitched with love. So glad to hear you already follow all these great blogs.

  2. I do think people have begun to miss blogs and following along. The surge towards FB and Instagram removed that lovely familiarity we all enjoyed by truly getting to know one another through sharing life in all it's seasons on our blogs. I'm actually going to write about this soon.
    I never stopped blogging as I find it to be such a blessing. Thanks for dropping by Elefantz today. x

    1. Hi Jenny,
      I am so excited about the new ideas that are flowing around this year. I only keep instagram for photos of my grandchildren! That way I can just scroll through and binge watch them! I look forward to all your posts, you hit the mark every time!

  3. That's funny because I was thinking of also doing a blog post mentioning Jenny's blog and a few others that I have been following for ages. Like you I don't want a big blog as I don't want to feel any pressure to write a blog post if I don't feel like it and also because I don't want to make money from my blog which a lot of bloggers do and that is great although I really hate having to wade through the advertisements. I have made some good friends through my blog that I have met in real life so I just plug along with it and hope I find something interesting to say at times. LOL!

    1. Hi Nana Chel,
      I think it is is a great idea to introduce other bloggers because it is easy to miss them. that would be awesome to meet blog friends in person!

  4. I'm not much of a writer so my blog doesn't get much attention these days, last year was totally slack with only 2 or 3 posts! but if i don't have anything to write about, I don't. hopefully this year may see a few more, once i finish the commissioned cardigan & get over the carpel tunnel that developed just before xmas. i would like to share my crafts/knitting too.
    am reading along with Jenny's blog as well, am looking forward to Tuesday afternoons, one day I hope to do some of her embroideries.
    your embroidery is gorgeous & look forward to seeing the quilt when finished, what a lovely memory to share
    thanx for sharing

  5. Hello Selina,
    Oh I am so sorry that you have carpal tunnel, my Mom developed that and had to stop knitting as it hurt too much. Do show us all when your cardigan is finished. :)

  6. FB took a large portion of bloggers and that has been sad. Blogging is a wonderful community of people with same interests who enjoy sharing and learning and being encouraged from each other.

    I look forward to more of your posts in 2019. Have a great year ~ FlowerLady

  7. I dabbled in Instagram for a few weeks and realised that it didn't deliver the same "community" as blogging so quickly abandoned. Have never been a Facebooker, just follow family there. In the past 6 months I have been going with my new consolidated blog. I am enjoying being back taking photos and posting daily again as well as meeting new people.


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