Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Christmas giveaway!

My very favourite seed company has this wonderful Christmas gift idea. Vegetable, Herb or Flower seeds all in little Christmas packages.  How cool is that!
Christmas seed bundles

The bundles of ten seed packages are 25.00 each (with free shipping Australia wide.) - you can gift the bunch, or slip each one into a Christmas card.  As you will know from my last post I love to have little extras to slip into my Christmas cards.  

I have had great success with their seeds, when you get 10 seeds, you get ten plants.  believe me, it doesn't always work like that!  These little lettuces came up from a lettuce I grew last year!  Called black seeded lettuce they have become one of my favorites, especially now that they seem to have made themselves at home and reproducing!
The same with my rocket. - excuse the leaves, we just had the remnants of a cyclone come through, so the entire garden is covered with fallen leaves!  Oh well it just adds to the mulch!

You can rest assured that you are getting quality seeds as  they are Heirloom. open pollinated, non-hybrid and non GMO with no chemical treatments.
I like to grow microgreens like this bok choy at this time of year as I can harvest them before the bugs find them!  The seed collection has a wide range of microgreen seeds at really good prices.

The seed collection have kindly offered one of my readers a Christmas bundle of their choice.

To get your order in time to post out before Christmas I will have to draw the giveaway on the 16th December.  Sorry this is only open to those with an Australian address because of customs issues.

Comment here telling me about your favourite vegetable to grow, and you will be in the draw to win.   I will do the draw the old fashioned way, drawing the winners name from a hat.  Just because!  Make sure your comment has a way I can contact you!
Good luck! 

Disclaimer:  The seed collection is providing me with my very own Christmas bundle!  My observations and thoughts on this company are entirely my own. 


  1. What a lovely idea those packets are. favourite veggie to grow? I seem to have the most success with beetroot at the moment. Hope Cyclone Owen doesn't come back again and cause damage as it is intensifying apparently.

    1. Hi Nana Chel, we are all a little on tenterhooks at the moment because we weren't expecting it to be so bad last time. Lost power and internet for days. beetroot - I will have to get some advice from you as I have never had success with beetroot. Hopefully they will do well in my raised beds!

    2. I must admit I just put in seedlings as I can get them from the farmers' market as one of the stall holders lets you pick which seedlings you want e.g. if I want two beetroot and three silverbeet seedlings he just sells me that amount rather than having to buy a whole punnet as I like to stagger the plants. I have the beetroot planted in a raised garden using Morag Gamble's method on her blog So far this has been very successful.

  2. I like to pop a little extra into my cards and letters too. My favourite vegetable to grow depends on what is behaving itself in the garden at the time. At the moment it is tomatoes followed closely by corn and potatoes.

  3. These sound like great, reliable seeds. I like to make little stitched bags to gift my seeds in.

    For me, my favourite veg to grow at this time of year are cucumbers. They are easy, prolific, can be picked and munched on happily while one wanders the garden and the freshness and crunch of a homegrown cucumber is just sooo good. Meg🙂

  4. Hi Meg, Oh I bet your pretty little stitched bags are keepers! Oh yes home grown cucumbers are soo good!

  5. Daneeka, who posted on the Facebook page, won the seeds, congratulation!

  6. ThAnkyou sO so much!!! I received my packets today and they are just so cute!!! I want to keep them for myself but they are packaged so beautifully it would be a shame not to give them out at Christmas! Either way, thank you africanaudssie for a great little competition!


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