Monday, October 23, 2017

Necklaces - take your pick

Here is a selection of the necklaces I have made. The main place I will be selling these is at the local markets, starting next month,  but thought I would just offer them up here  to get some reviews and see which ones will be the most popular.  Please contact me at Vemvaan(at)gmail(dot)com. to get banking details and give me your shipping address.  All orders are plus shipping.
Please tell me in the comments which are your top three favourites and why.  I can also custom make one for you - just contact me. 

#1  Earth colours plaited with toggle beads. 10.00

#2  Black and white. 3 strand center knot 10.00

#3 Red and white assorted knots 10.00

#4 Turquoise and blue assorted knots 10.00 SOLD

#5 Sensory necklace - perfect to wear when babies are nursing or even just cuddling and they want something to play with and tug on.  Beads are toggle beads so they can be moved and turned. 15.00 SOLD

#6 Black and white multi strand 10.00

#7 Yellow multi strand 10.00

#8 Brown multi strand 10.00

#9 Reddish brown multi strand 10.00

#10.  Plum multi strand 10.00

#11 Lavender purple and pink 10.00

#12 Red multi strand 10.00

#13 Pink with white spots 10.00

#14 Blue and yellow nursing sensory necklace 10.00

#15 Pink nursing sensory necklace 10.00

#16 Pink and plum knotted 2 strand necklace 10.00

#17 Black and red multi strand 10.00

#18 Beige extra long, doubled over to different lengths 10.00

#19 Black and white with fabric rose 10.00

#20 Plum with multicoloured braided wrap 10.00

#21 Turquoise multistrand with textured yarn 10.00 SOLD

#22 Black and white multistrand 10.00


  1. A great assortment of colours and styles there. I have so many necklaces I need to send some off to the Op Shop. I hope they sell well for you. My favourites are the turquoise and blue ones.

    1. Hi Nana Chel,
      It seems the blues are the most popular. I hope so too, so that I can continue making them!

  2. They look fabulous Gill and are well priced.
    My favourites would be the turquoise ones because I just love blues, but I very much like the black and white with the rose and the red and white with the knots.
    I don't know how to do the toggle knots but they look great.

    1. Hi Sami,
      I think those are my favourites as well! Learning those knots was great fun, and I do like the idea that they are all washable.

  3. Criativos e super coloridos. Feliz semana.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. thank you. Hope you have a good week too!

  5. you're so creative, AA, good luck with this venture. I'm crazy about the sensory necklaces, a good present for a new mother. If they are washable, could they also be a toy for the baby?

    1. thank you Catmint, I love creating things. Yes definitely, I sent a couple to my daughter in America. My six month old granddaughter has been playing with hers, and my Three year old grandson proceeded to put the five toggles onto his toes! I was hoping it would be a counting exercise! Often the things one creates are not used as intended.


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