Thursday, August 13, 2015

Showcase of interesting ideas

I have been contacted on occasion by readers who want to get the word out about kickstarters or new ideas.  We are living in a changing world and it is marvellous to see little businesses pop up as a result of kickstarters.  This gives people the opportunity to get something off the ground, and I am happy to support some of them.  I am going to do a monthly blog post showcasing new ventures, products and ideas.  If anyone wants to reward me for this I will of course accept products to try, but will be fair and honest in my assesment. I will disclose this information as required, I have not received any renumeration for these products.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has -- Margaret Mead. 

Self watering pots:
These little pots are great, every time I visit one of my daughters I set them up with some herbs in pots and they always die.  The only ones that do survive are the ones I plant in self watering pots.  I reckon these are perfect     kickstarter - connect a pot.

There is a free app that has just been released in Melbourne called sustain me, at the moment just in Victoria but with plans to expland.  It provides information of what, how and where your waste items can be recycled, upcycled, donated or thrown away.  I cant wait until it gets up to Queensland as it looks like a very useful app. You can find more information here

Keeping cameras dry
After spending so much of my life in and around the water I realize the benefit of a really good dry bag, and I would reccomend this  waterproof swymbag

Spice mixes
I have a friend - Sally, who started a market stall selling spices, and it has really taken off - she has some lovely dinner packs and some unusual spices that are hard to find.  She also finds some awesome recipes to share, and information about how spices affect your health.  She will post anywhere in Australia - here is her facebook page Wild about Spices  The list of products and prices is in the view menu section.

If you want to try fermenting these fermenting bottles looks awesome.  They started out as a kickstarter and at the moment are only available in the US.  I am definitely going to buy some next time I am visiting my daughter there.  I love the way the spring holds the produce down under the liquid.

What new products have you discovered recently?

I will include a photo of a sunbird on my lady slipper orchid just for your enjoyment and because I honestly cannot post without a photo!  It just looks strange :)


  1. I agree, no posting without photos. Lovely colours in your orchid. Thanks for links.

    1. It somehow looked so wrong Lynda without a photo! Plus I am totally in love with my orchids :)

  2. How wonderful that you captured a bird in your orchids.
    Some lovely ideas/products, I would also love the app about the recycling to come to WA.
    Good luck to all the small businesses out there.

    1. Sami,
      I couldnt get the flower and the bird in focus at the same time though - drat!

  3. Great post .. what a super idea. I love the recycling app that's smart. And this sort of thing has to increase - the world is buzzing with apps isn't it? I have found a new product. It is called - Magic Mud - which is dispenced in a tube. It contains natural minerals from NZ thermal spring valleys and when used with water removes the smell that my homemade fertilisers leave on my hands! LOL ... perfect stuff :D


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