Thursday, March 12, 2015

Blog hug quilt fabrics received.

I have received three sets of fabrics for my blog hug quilt:

Tracy from sunny-corner-farm - wow what wonderful fabrics that really showcase her lifestyle.
the farm animals and the flowers.  This selection really made me smile.

Next was Annette from Knettycraft - she lives in Essen, Germany - I love the tape she included with the name of her city.

Next was Nanette from Stitch and sow.  She lives in   Murwillumbah, NSW, now that is a mouthful.

I will post this on my craft tab, and add to it as I receive more, since here they will get lost amongst all my gardening updates!  


  1. Those are all lovely fabrics. x

  2. Beautiful fabrics. I especially like the cows, sheep etc. ~ so cute!

    1. Yes it does describe Tracy so well doesnt it?

  3. Those are some beautiful fabric scarps you have get to work!!
    I'm dying to see what you do with them.

    1. Virginia,
      I am waiting until I have a few more to decide how I will do it!


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