Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Pre-prepared lunches - healthy living catchup

I like to cook a large batch of something over the weekend for my lunches during the week. This way I have a couple of different choices. Sometimes it is a big pot of soup using up all the veggies before I do the weekly shopping.  I made a vegetarian moussaka a while back which was awesome so I got to thinking I might try something new, along the same vein.  Bobotie is a traditional South African dish that I love, but I do try to limit my meat intake and increase my intake of pulses, lentils etc.  I have developed a vegetarian Bobotie which I love as much as the meat one.  Here is the recipe for the Vegetarian Bobotie   If you want to try the meat version, here is my recipe.

The basil in the garden is going great guns, but I find regular basil pesto a little overpowering, and oily, and I am never quite sure of the reason for adding nuts... they just disappear!  When I saw a recipe for spinach basil pesto in a chia seed cookbook I got out of the library I thought I would give it a try.  I changed the recipe quite a bit adding more basil, parmesan and garlic. I like the fact that it has very little oil too.  I had a couple of spoonfuls for lunch on a  wrap with some grated cheddar and a huge bundle of rocket, bok choy and parsley that I picked fresh out of the garden.  Gosh it was good!  So today I repeated the idea - this time adding a hard boiled egg instead of more cheese, since there is already quite a bit of cheese in the pesto.

Two very healthy, easy, vegetable filled lunches.  What healthy lunch ideas do you have to share?

I have been connecting with Jenny at one body for living as we both try to lose a few kilos and eat more healthy food - why don't you join us? We started out weekly but now just catch up when we can.
I have also been tracking my calories and exercise on myfitnesspal and this keeps me accountable.   Sometimes it is just too much trouble to have that piece of chocolate if you have to write it down!   


  1. Thanks for pointing me to this! A good, inspiring garden food post! I've just decided to hard boil some eggs for lunch. I was wondering about soup but egg and salad sandwiches sound easier.

    Have a great day!

    1. linda,
      You are welcome, we all seem to be on the same page this week. I normally don't like my eggs so soft but it was surprisingly good on that wrap. Hope your sandwich was tasty!

  2. We really enjoy bobotie. I think it is surprising sweetness that makes it a little different. I haven't had a vegetarian version but as we only eat meat a few times a week, it might be a good thing to add to my repertoire.
    Good luck with your healthy eating. It is definitely that time of year when one starts to think about losing a few kilos.

    1. Tracy,
      It is one of the South African meals that I introduce that everyone seems to like. I really like this vegetarian version.

  3. I love bobotie, and just a few days ago printed out a Paleo version to try, as I haven't eaten bobotie for a few years...

    1. Sami,
      Oh that will be interesting, as traditionally there is always bread inside the meat dish. I hope you let us know how it goes.

  4. The vegetarian Bobotie looks delicious....for me I'd leave out the milk and eggs.
    I will definitely try the spinach and basil pesto, that's a great recipe idea.
    I have dedicated a white dessert rose post to you on my blog...enjoy.

    1. Virginia,
      Oh I am honored :) I love the white one, and have never seen that one here, but will keep my eyes out. that pesto is awesome to add flavor to all sorts of things. Probably doesn't last as long in the fridge without all the oil, but I am using it up pretty quickly. Oh the topping on the bobotie is almost the best part!

  5. I have never heard of bobotie so I looked it up. Yummy!!! And I, too, am using myfitnesspal for weight loss. It makes me realize that I underestimate my food consumption. Good Luck.


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