Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Seed give away/exchange and an online discount deal

As you know I got another lovely package recently from MrFothergills and it contained grass seeds. I am not sure that grasses will grow very well in my climate so I would like to offer them as a giveaway.  I know some of my readers live in very dry areas where I think the grasses will do well.  These are the grasses I received:

Blue fescue.....................Green fountain...................Snowy woodrush
and bunny tails
These are type of plants that grow well in my area, the gingers, they just soak up all the moisture they can get, their little pockets are always filled with rainwater.  Somehow I think grasses are not in the same category.

I think I might keep the bunny tails and try them in my white pots, since the bamboo plants I have in them at the moment are looking very straggly and uninteresting.  The Blue fescue, Green fountain and snowy woodrush are up for grabs.  This time the give-away will be more of a seed swap, just to shake things up a little.  I am looking for corn, snow peas, malabar spinach, and trombonchino squash, so the first three people who comment offering me any of those seeds get their first choice.  If you have other seeds on offer give it a go - you might have something else I want to try.  Of course this is only open to Australia - sorry we can't send or receive seeds out of the country.

Even if you don't want to enter this give-away do check out the special autumn seed offer that MrFothergills has available - 10% discount for online orders, enter code MAR13 when placing your order - this offer closes March 19th - my birthday :) so hurry.

I am going to be setting up my little gardeners seed pots ( lemon balm and mini tomato) this weekend as the grands will be visiting.

 They loved having their own little pots (I was the caretaker) last year.  These little kits are marvellous for kids.  We are still having quite a bit of rain, but these pots create their own little greenhouse so I think will do just fine.


  1. Wow those 'beehives' are looking so marvellous! I love to see them popping out like that. They look kind of strange yet attractive. When the flowers appear from those 'holes', they make the hive look really sweet looking. Enjoy your gardening time with your grands :-)

  2. Well said - 'beehives' :) They look amazing!

  3. Well good luck to the seed winners in advance. I was getting all excited about exchanging seeds when I read that just like us, seeds can't be sent or received in Australia.
    My beehive gingers have not flowered as yet, just lots of foliage for now, but yours look great.
    Have fun with the grandkids seed planting.

  4. Pokazane kwiaty na zdjęciu są śliczne. Szkoda, że nie mieszkam w Australii, bo bym chętnie z Twojej oferty skorzystała. Pozdrawiam.
    Flowers shown in the picture is beautiful. Too bad I do not live in Australia, I would have gladly took advantage of your offer. Yours.

  5. Ginger is such a beautiful plant, it seems a pity to eat it. I wonder is there a ginger that copes well with a cooler you know?

  6. Stephanie,
    Yes I am glad that I moved that plant from the very back of the garden to where it is more visible.
    Yes it is an easy name to remember!
    Virginia and Giga,
    Yes I am sorry I cannot send overseas - we did have fun!
    I know people in colder climates grow ginger in a greenhouse. This is not the edible ginger.


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