Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Starting a writing course.

I have been a little disinterested in writing my blog lately.  Disinterested in gardening too (it never stops raining!) and I have some new crafty projects on the way.  I am also packing up for a 4 week trip to see my daughters in the US. So exciting.
I have been wondering if my blog should also have some crafty posts.  I have been wondering if I should put recipes in here.  No, I wanted a gardening post, I tell myself.  Wait a minute who wrote the rules here.... right!

I have also been thinking my blog is so uninteresting, other peoples blogs are so well written and entertaining. so from all this introspection came a writing course - an online writing course, so I signed up.  Not great timing as I will be travelling and am very busy right now, but I realise this is my trend, I get overwhelmed too easily and then give up, so maybe this should be something I should be working on rather than shoving it under the mat again.
Now I see the first lesson has been posted,  OOps I had a busy weekend (not writing), so I guess one of my first goals must surely be
1. to be committed and do something every day. I tend to hit something new running full force and then slowly dwindle back into boredom.  I think I need this structure.
2. I have only written non-fiction and would like to try my hand at different genres as well.
3. I need to see this thing to the end, otherwise it will just be yet another unfiinished project.  I see the trend here.
I rushed through this post more than I would have liked, but I promise myself I will do better from now on.....
turning the corner.... right now.


  1. This is an exciting prospect. I got started blogging because I wanted to write about my garden, I wanted to share that writing with an audience, and I wanted to practice I different and more creative type of writing than I do in my professional life. For me, having a commitment to the blog and to writing blog posts even when I don't feel like it has improved my writing. Good luck with your course. -Jean

  2. Good work. So you're new to fiction writing? Let me know if you need any assistance.

  3. Good luck with your new hobby. With blogging don't restrict yourself to one topic write about anything that comes into your head. It makes it easier.It must be exciting getting ready for a trip to US to visit daughter.

  4. I second Diane - I try and compartmentalise my blogging far too much, and it just makes things difficult. Write what you feel like - you'll attract many more people than you could put off.

  5. Blogs are great fun but I also find them motivating. Like Jean I have a deal with myself that I'll post up something at least once a week. And I agree with Diane that it's not so important what you write about as long as you write. Oh yes, and well done for turning the corner. Looking forward to meeting at more of our creativity activities.

  6. Woohoo!! Jicama sounds amazing and your garden is stunning!

    Just dropping by to say g'day as I nibble away at the icebreaker jollification Merrilee has set us. *clinks glasses* Cheers! :-)

  7. So nice to see a fellow gardener enrolled in the workshop! It will be fun to follow you!

  8. Yay for the Gardeners enrolled in the course! I'm so glad you joined, Gillian. It can be daunting to tackle a new writing challenge, but I hope you don't talk yourself out of it.

    Sometimes disinterest, for me anyway, masks fear. Fear to realize my full potential, or to break out of my comfortable rut, or the classic fear of failure. I know you can do it. :)

  9. How exciting, a trip and the writing course. I hope you enjoy both. I enjoy reading your blog already and would welcome anything else you chose to add(craft,recipes etc). It's been great seeing your tropical point of reference compared to my more chilly one.

  10. I love reading your blog, and also understand crafting, cooking, writing tendencies (I share them). Good luck on your writing course. New writing realms await you.

  11. Gosh, thanks for all the positive comments! Great to have a soundboard to bounce ideas off.


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