Monday, March 15, 2010

Bamboo plant and passionfruit flowers

This bamboo type plant was originally my MIL's in a pot and when she moved away I somehow inherited it.  It was quite rootbound and seems to enjoy being released from the confines of the pot. It has had a few red berries, and then suddenly in the last couple of weeks put out these lovely long stalks.
Here they are in more detail.
I know different types of bamboo can run rampant, but think this looks more of a clumping type.  Not even sure that it is a type of bamboo.  The yellow spots of the leaves were quite distict, but I have been watering with a weak epsom salts solution and they seem to be fading out.  Not very scientific, just thought that might be what they needed.  This soil was very poor - had been under a pile of rocks for years, so it probably needs all the nutrients it can get.
I couldnt resist picking some lovely passionfruit flowers and floating them with some candles the other night.  They smell divine!
Someone on KGI suggested making tea out of them - I must try it sometime - they only last a day, and then shrivel up into a ball - I suppose that is when you would dry them.


  1. The stems on that bamboo are just lovely ... does look like a bamboo, but I'm not expert! Love the passiflora flowers floating with the candles.

    I would like to just say thanks for adding me to your fav blotanist list ... it was greatly appreciated!

  2. Thanks for dropping by my blog ... just caught up with your comment. Here' hoping that almighty great cyclone doesn't hit us ... I heard it was already a Category 4 or 5! That's not good news considering how much water it's still crossing over.
    Let's hope our seeds come through ... I should learn ... this is what happened last year too!

  3. Gillian,
    I have been busy reading the permaculture links from your last post. They have lots of good info that I will try around here.- Your Passion fruit flowers floating around look neat.

  4. That is a lovely looking bamboo. We sadly have the legacy of a running type bamboo a previous owner planted, which we have never managed to dig up entirely. Still, I look on the bright side and figure I have a free supply of gaden stakes!
    Just enjoyed your cucumber list too :)

  5. I love the passionflowers! That looks like a bamboo, but looks even more like its in the asparagus family especially since it has red berries. Do you have a picture of the leaves?

  6. Love the floating passionflowers! Beautiful!

  7. Gippslandgardener, yes I am always a little nervous about bamboo, but this definitely seems to be the clumping type. I have been using all sorts of branches for stakes now that my plants are getting bigger. Some of the gingers make great stakes.
    Rainforest gardener, The leaves are the ones with faint yellow spots on them in the photo - look like a bamboo leaf to me, not at all ferny like asparagus. The branches are also very woody, will take some more photos soon as some leaves seem to be unfurling from the top.
    Wish I could add a scratch and sniff button so you could smell the passionflowers! :)

  8. Oh that's lovely! I love the look of bamboo. NOt when they're all clumped up but when you can still make out individual canes and their leaves.
    And the passionfruit flowers do look very exotic, don't they?

  9. Hi Sunita,
    yes I like this skinny look of the bamboo - I have cut a few branches and stuck them into a tall vase - they look very artistic. I am also hoping they will shoot and then I can have a few more bunches scattered around!


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