Monday, January 18, 2010

Anthirium needed feeding

A couple of weeks back I decided that my tropical garden might need an extra boost of nutrients.  I  purchased some organic plant food - seems to be made up mostly of chicken manure and blood and bone. I have not added any other type of fertilizer other than my homemade weed tea and seaweed fertilizer, and of course my homemade compost.  The idea came from my anthirium flowers being pale pink and not the red that I had seen before.  We have so much rain at this time of year that I am sure a lot of the nutrients in the soil get washed away, and that is why most people reccomend just foliar spraying with seaweed.   This mix had a wide range of nutrients, and wow, it seems to have worked wonders.  Lovely colour on the anthurium, and since I subdivided them, each of the three different plants are all flowering.
Even the begonia is looking happy - I think this location is perfect for them, this spot gets a little afternoon shade - they didnt like the continuous sun against the other wall.
I placed an orchid into an old copper jug between them (it has a drain hole in the bottom). I heard that orchids love copper so we will see.... so far it looks good.
so it is good to see odd spots of colour appearing in the garden again. 

I wonder whether the method I am making the seaweed tea is making it too weak.  I have been sitting it in a bucket of water-( tightly covered so mosquitoes dont breed) for a month or two, then straining it and diluting. I also make weed tea the same way, but it does smell pretty bad. A fellow gardener on KGI takes comfrey leaves and compresses them in a bucket with a hole in the bottom.  Slowly the "concentrated juices" run out into a bucket underneath, and this is then diluted for use.  This takes him a year, and since I  am pretty impatient I have never tried this method.....I thought though that since I am now growing comfrey as well I might do the seaweed and comfrey together and see what happens.  Has anyone tried making their own fertilizers like this?
I think hibiscus is one of the main plants that screams out - tropical.  Their flowers dont last long - a day or two at most, but there is always other one ready to open.
Another type of heleconia has flowered - this one is just orange and yellow and doest go quite as tall as the pink and orange ones.

Mmmmm ...... I love colour in the garden.


  1. You're right...we grow very similar plants. Your blog is wonderful...pretty photos! I'll be following you as well. How fun! Where else could we have met and shared our gardens?! :)

  2. Gorgeous colors! And very welcome for those of us whose world is mostly white at this time of year. -Jean

  3. Africaaussie,
    Your garden is really looking good. Whatever is in the organic fertilizer your plant's seem to like it.

  4. Kimberley, yes arent we lucky to live in an age where we can connect with like minded people all over the world!
    Jean, I often look at your snowy pictures to cool me down!
    Sanddune, yes I was impressed myself, and the ingredients seems to be a mix of different types of manures and blood and bone etc. I have only been using the seaweed and maybe the plants were missing some of the other stuff.


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