Sunday, December 6, 2009

Updates on this and that

I have been assembling some photos to send on a disc to my mom for christmas, she has now got a DVD, but still no computer - oh how I wish she could kep updated by reading my blog!.  Here are some of the latest photos I took this weekend:

The gazebo is just perfectly placed to catch the lightest breeze and I often find myself taking advantage of this throughout the day as I work on odd gardening chores

I moved the bottlebrush from next to the arch - it opens up the walkway,(on the left of this photo) and I dont think the bottlebrush liked to be so crowded amongst the other plants. There were little white specks on the plant whch I thought might be whitefly, but they dont fly away when touched.  I planted it in the front against a wooden fence.  A yellow ixora has taken up its position.

I love the colour on this geisha girl, and it attracts birds, butterflies and bees to the garden.  The colour on this ground orchid seems almost surreal.

The honeyeater seems to have moved in, you can just see her little pointed bak sticking out - maybe they are starting a family!


  1. Wow, what a neat nest for the honeyeater. Your ground orchid is a lovely vibrant color.


  2. Hi Flowerlady,
    Thanks for the comment, yes it is such fun to watch the progress of the honeyeater. I was making bread yesterday and put the bowl in the sun next to the nest to rise. She flew away and hasnt come back - oh dear!

  3. africanaussie,
    Having the Honeyeater so close to your house is neat.I hope it returns for you. I try to have one corner of my garden for the birds. They add to the gardens gestalt and are fun to watch.

  4. africanaussie, you're right--we do have many of the same plants!! i was excited to see your luffa-have you harvested any yet? I've also planted pigeon pea as a cover crop and overall permaculture plant. It has beautiful flowers and pods, provides shade, and actually the peas are tasty in a stew! It looks like your "pawpaw" is the same as papaya? i have about 10 trees, all flowering, but NO FRUIT--any ideas?
    Thank you for sharing your garden!

  5. Hi Liz,
    No my luffa is flowering prolifically, and I thought I saw little luffa, but then the flowers dropped off and nothing has happened yet. My pigeon peas have not started producing yet either. I think it is still a bit early in the season though. Have you dried the peas or just eaten them fresh?
    On the pawpaws (same as papaya): Do you have a male pawpaw? If you look at the photo of my frog on a pawpaw tree you will see the flowers are on long stalks - you need one male for every 10 female trees or so. The female flowers dont have a long stem.
    take care and stay dry!

  6. wow, that honeyeater nest is that in the same family as the creapers? love the orchid, is that wild in your area?


  7. Noel,
    I am not sure what a creaper is. these look a little like hummingbirds, but dont move their wings so fast. they are nectar eating birds. No the ground orchids dont seem to be found in the wild, but they do grow very easily here if they are in the right spot. I wish I could say it is because I am such a good gardener!


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