Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sad news all around

Firstly, over the weekend I put some bread out to rise near the honeyeater nest (my favourite spot - I realise afterwards, I should not have done that) and when I went to fetch it, she flew away - has not been back since. :(
We regularly walk out past the nest to harvest or work in the vegetable patch, or to throw out the garbage.  maybe it was just one too many times.
Then the other sad news is about my bottlebrush which has been struggling to produce blooms.  the ends seem to have had some sort of powdery disease, and I wondered if it would not happier in another spot as it was crammed in with a  lot of other plants.  During the wet season this can adversely affect plants, especially native plants.   I dug a hole out next to the front fence where I had been growing a pineapple.  I dug out the hole and then planted the bottlebrush, watered it in well, and sprinkled the leaves with seaweed tea.  I cant think of what I did wrong but the leaves started to wilt straight away and within a day all the leaves were dry and brittle.  there has been rain every day, so it wasnt a case of drying out.  I mention the pineapple in case that can cause something in the soil, but that sort of lies on top of the soil and had only been there a couple of months.   It hadnt been unhealthy other than not really flowering and having the powdery ends.  I have pruned it way back and am hoping for the best, but this was really sudden death if anything.  Would appreciate some ideas of what else I can do.  Too sad to take photos!


  1. i think you did the right thing by cutting it way back...hopefully that will do the trick...what type of buttlebrush is this?


  2. Calistemon is the "proper" name, and it is a weeping type - I read that they can be cut back quite severly after flowering to create a better shape, so just have to hold thumbs (and hope they are green!)

  3. Did you make up the seaweed tea homemade or store bought?If you made it yourself perhaps it still had salt residue in it that hurt the plant. I had planned to dump some seaweed from the bay here into my compost bin till I thought about the salt residue and reconsidered. I use the 30 day rule for plants ie: When you think it is dead give it another 30 days to revive.Works about half the time. good luck.

  4. I have read differing thoughts on seaweed. I mostly spread it out on the grass for a while and either water it or let the rain wash the salt out. Funnily the grass underneath it doesnt seem to suffer..... It is wonderful in the compost - really gets it heated up nicely.
    This was homemade, but then it also had some weeds added, and comfrey leaves, oh and some beer brewing residue..... so who knows, all my other plants like it though.


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