Monday, December 21, 2009

I never promised you a rose garden......

I posted a while back how I was going to have a section of mondo grass alongside the path leading out from the back door.  Now the hubby is not a huge fan of mondo grass, so would continually "nag" me that it was not filling in enough, that it would look so much better if it were stone etc. etc.   I sort of dug my heels in, even though I agreed with him, but then the other day I realised that what I really had not been anticipating was weeding the mondo grass!

 This was supposed to be low maintenance, and was turning into high maintenance.  So I came home with some stones and before long, had dug up the grass, other than a nice neat edge of mondo so that the stones dont get into the mower.  Hubby was very helpful carrying in the stones, and chopping off tree roots, and I must admit toungue in cheek that it looks so nice! Gosh I hate to be wrong.

The other thing I was wrong about was that my darling hubby didnt like gardening.  The other area he has been "nagging" me about is the sweet potato patch next to the swing.   It does look a bit untidy, and I could possibly find another place to grow sweet potatoes. 

The thing is that he wants to grow roses! ( This man who said he never wanted anything to do with gardening :) :)   He bought me one rose bush on our anniversary last year and it has done surprising well.  Roses do notoriously badly in the tropics.  We have agreed that winter is the best time to plant them so I still have time to harvest my sweet ptotatoes as they should produce potatoes in the summer (right now). I might make a new potato bed right in the very back corner of the vegetable garden where nothing else is planned.   In fact I could plant some slips there right now.
It will be a nice area to grow roses, as it is just outside our bedroom window and we always sit there looking out at the garden having a cup of coffee over the weekends.  We need to make sure we get tropical roses, then do we want an arch? or an arbour with climbing roses..... have to make sure the colours are vibrant, what type of edging along the grass? Oh gosh - I forgot this is not my garden!  hands off! He said he wants to bring me in bunches of roses from his rose garden ... what I wonderufl hubby I have, I am so blessed.

I had to share a photo I took this morning -  The birds enjoy a bit of respite from the hot sun in the birdbath in dappled shade , and the mandevilla and cats whiskers just keep flowering and flowering..

It is so hot and humid right now, that most plants need a bit of shade to survive - I have a shade cloth over the vegetable garden  where I am growing mostly green manure crops
One thing I have noticed is that the two pumpkin patches that have appeared only have male flowers.  as I understand it the female ones will have a miniature fruit underneath the flower - or is that only once they are fertilized?


  1. I am not 100% sure, but I think pumpkins are like cucumbers or gourds, in that they begin to bloom with only male blooms in the beginning, then the female flowers will follow. They must have male and female flowers to have fruit. How long have the pumpkins been blooming?

  2. Africanaussie,
    I have been researching Roses that might survive here considering trying to grow some. I found an antique china rose called louis Philippe that seems a good candidate for the semi-tropics. You might want to look at it.

  3. thanks janie - I will keep an eye out - no it has only been flowering for a week or two so maybe the females are yet to come. aha maybe that is also why my loofah are not forming fruit yet either. :)
    Sanddune, Oh I will look into that one, I like the flowers of the antique roses, but we are quite remote I might have to just take what I can get!

  4. I hate to be wrong, too...esp. when it's my non-gardening hubby doling out the advice. I'm glad you made the change with the mondo grass because the stone looks really great in that spot and fits in with the rest of the design.

    Christine in Alaska


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