Sunday, July 5, 2009

The beginning: side garden under the lychee tree

We moved into our little place the middle of December, and I began to keep a blog of my gardening progress on Kitchen Gardens International. Since then I have decided it would be better to keep my blog here, so will post a few progress reports and pictures all in one go.

so, the beginning:

Really all that was in the side and back garden was grass and a huge lychee tree. Luckily we moved just before christmas so with my two week christmas vacation I worked every day in the garden. I cleared a triangular area under the lychee tree for a tropical garden. I dug out all the grass, then amended the soil with dolomite lime and dynamic lifter.

Then I lay down weed mat and cut holes to insert the plants that I had brought over in pots from our previous place. I placed them proud of the weed mat and then laid quite a lot of mulch around, first hay and then a mulch from the muncipal dump. It is mostly coconut husks and has been maturing for about a year, so I hoped it was a good choice.
Load of mulch.

Heleconias costus and gingers were placed at the back towards the boundary fence , with cordelines, coleus caladium and anthirium in the middle layer. Then along the front edge there are ground orchids, kalanchoe and begonias. There is a tree fern and two fan palms in the very shady spot. Right close to the trunk of the tree (and some on the trunk) are bromeliads, orchids, a tree fern and some elkhorn ferns.

So other than a few additions here and there, that part of the garden was completed just after the New Year. All everything had to do at that stage was grow bigger.

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